What is Euphorian Tide?

Euphorian Tide is a fantasy text based adventure game, heavily based around pornographic elements and sexual encounters. It is based upon an immensely colossal planet, imprisoned by a seemingly endless expanse of ocean filled space which constantly flows in and out of the world's atmosphere, providing both benefits and hindrance to the inhabitants.

How Much Does it Cost To Play?

Euphorian Tide is 100% free to play and always will be!

When Does the Game Update?

Euphorian Tide currently has content updates weekly, with bug fixing updates released throughout the week. I aim to go full time on the development of the game, but this will not be achieved without player donation support and/or a major increase in website traffic.

What Kind Of Sexual Content Can I Expect So Far?

Heterosexual and Homosexual Sex Scenes
Male/Female/Herm Transformation
Demonic Themes (Succubi etc...)
Breast Enlargement
Involuntary Transformation
Slow Transformation
Mythical Creature
Anthromorphic Creature

These are the kind of things currently in game, but many more themes are coming over the course of development. You may inquire about additional content themes by email if you wish. Specific fetishes may be locked to certain areas of the world map in future with subtle warnings to those who may not want to encounter said content.

What Kind Of Content Will likely NOT Be Included In This Game?

Characters Depicted to be Under 18
Excessive Gore
Deadly Vore (Consumption Without Characters Dying or Mutiliation is Acceptable)

How Can I Support the Development?

Disable ad-blocking software

Euphorian Tide lives partially on ad revenue. It would be greatly appreciated if you were to add an exception for www.EuphorianTide.com to your adblocking software whitelist.

Tell People About the Game

Using the share buttons below the game and telling friends about its existance will be essential in supporting the continued development of the game.

Submit Feedback and Bug Reports

You are welcome to contact me via the contact options listed on the contact page, to report any game bugs or simply tell me what you enjoy about that game.

Make a Donation

Click here to view the milestone rewards for donators

Who Are the Developers?

Euphorian Tide is an ongoing development project, managed by a single developer (with the exception of incredibly supportive friends).


I spend all of my available free time on developing every aspect of the game and the website, which includes; writing quest content, art asset creation, and the programming.

If you wish to submit written content for a chance at entry into the game, you can join and submit to the official forums at HERE.

There are several sections and topics there to assist you in submitting content for Euphorian Tide.

You are also welcome to send scenes and other content submissions/ideas to me by email: EuphorianTide@gmail.com

Donation Milestones

Donators will receive rewards for their support of the game development, listed below are the reward milestones for donators.

£1 Name Added to the Game as a Donator (by request) + Link to Download Euphorian Tide Wallpapers. (More Added Over Time)
£5 Link to Download High Resolution and Alternative Versions of Tumblr Archive Art. (More Added Over Time)
£10 Link to Download Desktop Version of the Game.
£20 Have Your Equipment Suggestion Implemented Into the Game. (Terms and Conditions Apply)
£20 Have Your Basic Transformation Implemented Into the Game. (Terms and Conditions Apply)
^ E.g New hairstyles, New tail types, New cock type etc...
£30 Have a Basic Encounter (New Enemy, Sex etc...) Implemented Into the Game. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

For Donation Instructions, Contact Me Using the Email:


(If this link does not activate for your web browser, please copy and paste the email address and manually send using your email service provider.)
Alternatively, you can support the development via Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/EuphorianTide

Donation Terms and Conditions

General Donation Agreement

> Donators may send funds by any preferred method, with rewards presented when the transaction is fully processed.
> Donation milestones may change in future based on demand.
> Donators usernames will be added to the website after the donation is made unless requested otherwise.
> Donators of £10 or over will receive the first three milestones as additional rewards.
> Donation rewards of £15 or over do NOT stack, e.g. donating £30 will only provide art + first three milestones.
> If 'Euphorian Tide' is permanently downed for any reason, donation rewards may not granted or donations refunded.

Game Feature Suggestion Agreement

> You agree to relinquish any creative or legal control over submitted content. (This is not to screw you over, but to protect me from lawsuits.)
> I reserve the right to reject ANY content suggestion.
> I reserve the right to edit content suggestions to preserve the consistency and quality of the game, with major edits being stated beforehand.
> Please email your suggestion for review before donating in case I choose to reject your idea for whatever reason.
> You may request a full donation refund if your content suggestion is rejected.
> Ensure your idea is completely decided before I start adding it to the game, as you may NOT request a refund when implementation begins.